15 Mar

8 points you should consider for a wedding singer

1.Reaction time

Has their contact been processed quickly?
Have you been contacted?


Will an initial meeting or meeting take place soon?
Is a meeting possible at all?


Is the sound of the voice pleasant?
Is the intonation coherent?


Is the technique put up by the singer or do you have to organize it yourself?
If you need to organize it, pay extra attention and quality of the boxes!
Which sound system is used?
Γ€Ich recommend the Bose Sound System L1.


Is the repertoire versatile?
Is there a free repertoire list?
Are your wishes considered?
If certain songs are also excluded such as e.g. I will always love you from Whitney Houston. (In my opinion, only Whitney could sing perfectly πŸ™‚


Is there a guestbook on the website with testimonials or recommendations?
Is there positive mouth to word of mouth?
Are there any references?

7.Social Media

Is your singer also active on social media?
Do you see concrete examples on Youtube?
Is there a Facebook fanpage?
Is there an Instagram account?


Is there a form of writing?
Is a contract created?

…and last but not least, is your gut feeling?

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