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Facts about Alma Cilurzo – the swiss wedding singer with chili





years career





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Maria & Silvano Testimonial

“Carissima Alma,
 Dank deiner wunderschönen Stimme sowie Ausstrahlung wurde unsere Zeremonie noch emotionaler. Du hast alle unsere Gäste bezaubert. Sie haben die ganze Zeit von dir geschwärmt. Danke für dein tolles Engagement! Es ist heutzutage nicht selbstverständlich mit so einer professionellen Person wie dich zu arbeiten.


Wir hoffen dich bald wieder zu sehen. Cari saluti
” Maria & Silvano

Steiner Testimonial

“I am one of your biggest fans, Alma Cilurzo. No matter what event you were singing at – wedding, birthday or babtism – it was always so special – you always do such a great job. I am looking forward to listening to you soon again. ” Andrea Steiner – www.strawberriesnchampagne.com

Wisdom Testimonial

“This September 2016 I met Alma Cilurzo, on the occasion of the wedding of Aurelia and Oscar in Hôtel Jean Jacques Rousseau. I could get Alma’s touching voice. Can warmly recommend you. Whether for weddings, gala dinners or their own individual event – Alma sings for you with lots of heart blood, groove and pep ” #sängerin #hochzeit #schweiz John Wisdom – www.wizz.ch

Candidas Testimonial

“Alma du hesch Euse Tag unvergässlich gmacht, mit dinnere liebe volle Traum Stimm sind alli hin und weg gsi!! Mir bueched dich ganz sicher wieder hoffe mir hend scho bald wieder es Fästli.” Jacqueline Candidas (Friday, 09 September 2016)

Manuela & Fabian Testimonial

“Dear Alma We wanted to thank you very much. You have enriched our wedding on 16.07.2016 absolutely and with your beautiful voice all enchanted. We, as well as many of our guests were totally delighted. We were able to celebrate an absolute dream wedding last Saturday. It just fit everything. Also thanks to you it became a wonderful day. We wish you all the best for the future. Lovely wishes” Manuela & Fabian

Sequeira Testimonial

“Alma, you gave us so many wonderful emotions on our wedding day – we will never forget that. We wish you that your Chili will bring you so much luck and fortune on your musical journey. YOU ARE SO GREAT. We love you very much. Such a kind and positive person you are. Please never change. We will recommend you … you are far out the very best wedding singer ever. A big hug from the Sequeira Family.” Sequeira Family

Rebecca und Marcel Testimonial

“Sali Alma, We enjoyed our Honeymoon and the wonderful weather in Kos – it was really a great wedding and everything was great, thank you again for your nice contribution, we have received only super feedback. There were even people who thought your singing was off CD because they did not see you. All the best.” Rebecca und Marcel (Monday, 20 June 2016)

Manuela & Björn Testimonial

“Sali Alma, händ dir numal viel viel mal welle danke säge – Vo allne ghöre mer nur d Sängerin hed sooo traumhaft und wunderschön gsunge – en unbeschriebliche stimm – aso danke Dir drum numal viel viel mal.” Manuela und Björn Bossard (Saturday, 04 July 2015)

Steiner E Testimonial

“Love Alma I was able to enjoy your voice twice. Your positive and energetic charisma is also reflected in your singing. Beautiful! The next time we went to Gilles’s birthday party, we were very impressed! You are simply an enrichment! Take care and see you soon in Murten!” Steiner Esther (Saturday, 07 February 2015)

Rene Testimonial

“Liebe Alma, ich durfte dich mit der Kamera begleiten und du hast meine Buchvernissage mit deinem chiligen Gesang aufgepeppt. Ich kann dich und deinen Gesang nur loben und dich mit bestem Gewissen für Anlässe aller Art sehr empfehlen.” René Lang (Tuesday, 27 January 2015)

Yvonne & Kudi Testimonial

“Dear Alma, thank you very much for your performance at our 50 first double birthday in the Asia Lounge. You are world class, awesome, sensational, sympathetic, uncomplicated, flexible, …. and belong to every feast, like chili in every kitchen !!! We only had positive feedback and will definitely not see us again on our 100 first birthday.
” Yvonne und Kudi (Friday, 16 January 2015)

Najlah Testimonial

“Dear Alma, thank you again! You were great 🙂 !! Your fanfare has increased by about 50 people in the evening. We received so much positive feedback !! 🙂 I wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to 2015. Stay in touch, big hug” Najlah Hakim (Monday, 05 January 2015)

Nicole & Simon Testimonial

“Dear alma we sincerely thank you for your amazing voice and singing at our wedding. It was so wonderful to listen to your amazing voice. Your singing gave us so much joy, happiness and passion. It was just perfect. THANK YOU! We wish you all the very best and see you soon again” Nicole & Simon (Sunday, 05 October 2014)

Musicali Amaronesi Testimonial

“Alma Cilurzo
 cantante Straordinaria, Voce Caldissima, Molto Talentuosa, grande Professionalità impeccabile…
Persona molto Solare e sempre Sorridente…
È sempre un Piacere Ascoltarla…
Grazie… Di Esistere…” Officine Musicali Amaronesi (Tuesday, 02 September 2014)

Or do you already have a song, however
Still looking for a great wedding song?
– and ask here Alma Cilurzos
Free wedding repertoire:
During the ceremony
Civil wedding
At the reception
Gala dinner


Alma Cilurzo as a Singer with Chili:

Singing & musical Options:

  • Alma Cilurzo as a singer with instrumental music
  • Alma Cilurzo as a singer with live piano
  • Alma Cilurzo as a singer with live unplugged guitar
  • Alma Cilurzo as a singer with live old school Hammond organ

On request & individual Offers:

  • Alma Cilurzo’s singing with big band
  • Alma Cilurzo’s singing with DJ


Alma Cilurzos Jazz Projects

Alma Cilurzos Jazz Projects


Organ’Voice: Hammond and voice. Ernst Halter (Hammond) and Alma Cilurzo (voc), jazz standards
Alma Cilurzo & Eric Lee – The Boogie Woogie Jazz Connection
Lead Sängerin in the Bigband Swingin’Sponge
Alma n the Chillies Trio: Alma Cilurzo (voc) & Simon Wälti (guitar), Heinz Emmenegger (cajon) unplugged voice ‘n’ guitar (more…)

Alma Cilurzo’s past projects

Alma Cilurzo’s past projects


Distel&Blueme in Blues-, jazz style with guitarist Charly Abegg: Various performances at weddings, company events.Gig in the Starbucks at the Reuss (November 2008).Gig in the bar 59, Lucerne (January 2009) (more…)

  • Dank min liebi Schatz wuerschivo dass du mich so guet
  • VORHANG AUF Den eigenen Vorhang kann man immer wieder von
  • Kleines behind the scenes Foto aus dem Fotoshooting mit fotostudiobern
  • Wachsen ja was heisst das genau wachsen? Sich immer wieder
  • Es paar Bossa Wiehnachts Jazz Liedli hemmer ufgno fr euch




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