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Persons who access this website and make use of the services offered on this website agree to the following terms and conditions. Alma Cilurzo reserves the right to edit these terms from time to time and without notice and to modify the content.

Data Protection

For questions about data protection, please refer to the separate privacy policy of Alma Cilurzo.

Intellectual property

The entire contents of this website are copyright protected. Copyright for all contents of this website (texts, music, films, pictures, photographs, graphics, programs and other works) are owned by Alma Cilurzo, unless expressly indicated otherwise. By accessing, downloading or copying pages and / or their contents, no rights (rights of use, intellectual property, etc.) are acquired. All rights, including duplication, publication, editing and translation are reserved and their use for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written consent of Alma Cilurzo .

The brand names (logos, slogans, icons etc.) used on this website are the intellectual property of Alma Cilurzo and accordingly protected by law. The unlawful use of these trademarks by unauthorized third parties has civil and criminal consequences.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communications via the Internet, including via e-mail or via forms, are neither completely confidential nor secure and can be viewed and changed by unauthorized third parties. Alma Cilurzo assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from communication via unencrypted e-mail or other electronic messaging services. Without any expressly contrary instruction by the user, Alma Cilurzo is nevertheless entitled to communicate by means of unencrypted e-mail or other electronic messaging services.


All content on this site has been carefully reviewed prior to deployment and is usually maintained and updated without any obligation. Alma Cilurzo makes every effort to provide accurate and complete content on this site, but assumes no responsibility or warranty, or gives any guarantee that the content provided by this site is accurate, complete or up-to-date. Alma Cilurzo reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change, delete or temporarily not publish the contents of this website in whole or in part. It is the user’s own responsibility to regularly check the website for changes.

References and hyperlinks to external providers are generally not checked for accuracy and completeness. Therefore, Alma Cilurzo is not liable for the content and availability of websites that can be accessed via hyperlinks. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and in particular for damages caused by contents of linked pages, the provider of the page, to which reference was made, is liable. It does not matter whether the damage is direct, indirect, financial or other damage that could result from data loss, loss of use or any other reason whatsoever. The access and use of linked websites are at the user’s own responsibility and risk.

Alma Cilurzo assumes no responsibility to ensure that the visit and use of this website is uninterrupted and that the website is at all times free of any viruses or malicious software. For the security of the data transmission in the Internet and the unauthorized access by third parties, Alma Cilurzo assumes no liability. Furthermore, Alma Cilurzo disclaims any liability for damages resulting from transmission errors, technical defects, malfunctions or interferences with the facilities of Internet service providers. Finally, Alma Cilurzo is not liable for any damages (including incidental, special or consequential damages) arising from the use of the website or the impossibility to use them.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

For all disputes between the user of the REMAX website www.almacilurzo.com and Alma Cilurzo arising out of the operation of the website, the courts at the place of business of Alma Cilurzo are responsible. Applicable is exclusively Swiss law.

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