Or do you already have a singer, but
still looking for a great wedding song?
Trust Alma Cilurzo’s wedding experience
– and ask for Alma Cilurzo’s
free wedding repertoire:
During the ceremony
Civil wedding
At the reception
Gala dinner

Are you looking for a warm, beautiful and unique voice on your wedding day?

The Swiss wedding singer Alma Cilurzo sings has sung with all her passion for over 10 years and is available for your wedding!

Unwind and relax with Alma’s touching voice that sings straight into your heart during the wedding ceremony in the church, a civil wedding and or the wedding reception, Apéro Party & your Gala wedding dinner.

Ask for her offer & prices now: Click here

Download here Alma Cilurzos Wedding Repertoire


Alma Cilurzo sings Halleluja in the church

Alma Cilurzo sings Halleluja on Schloss Rapperswil

Alma Cilurzo sings a Moment like this in the church

Alma Cilurzo sings a Moment like this open air

Alma Cilurzo sings Everything

Alma Cilurzo sings accappella I’ll be there

Alma Cilurzo sings You’ve got a friend in the church

Alma Cilurzo sings More than words in the church

Alma Cilurzo sings
You raise me up


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